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Borehole Rod Extensometers
Sisgeo Borehole Rod Extensometers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Borehole Rod Extensometers are installed in borehole to monitor displacements at various depths using rods of different material and lengths.
  • A pre-set length of measuring rod is inserted into a nylon tube to avoid soil friction and its tip is fixed to a steel groutable anchor.
  • Preassembled fibre glass rods are coiled at factory and shipped ready for installation.
  • The complete assembly is inserted into the borehole and then grouted, fixing the anchors to the rock or soil but allowing free movement of each rod within its sleeve.
  • Relative movements between the anchors and the reference head are measured manually with caliper or linear transducers, assembled on the reference head for remote monitoring.

Embankment Extensometers
Sisgeo Embankment Extensometers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Embankment Extensometers to measure soil strains in large earth structures.
  • Embankment extensometers are usually incorporated in the filling material, chained together by means of extension rod.
  • Consists of several measuring units connected by extension rod to the anchor plates.
  • Measuring unit is a telescopic section equipped with displacement transducer. Vibrating wire displacement transducers are available in different ranges.

DBS Measuring Anchors
Sisgeo DBS Measuring Anchors

Product Features
  • Sisgeo DBS Measuring Anchors designed as an instrumented rockbolt; they are composed by four iron rods anchored every 1/4 of the grouted instrument length, a 38mm OD tube and a measuring head.
  • Replacement of typical working anchors with measuring anchors on a cross section will enable the computation of stress diagrams around the tunnel.
  • Readings are taken manually by a dial gauge or could be also automated by using vibrating wire displacement transducers.

Embedment Jointmeters
Sisgeo Embedment Jointmeters

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Embedment Jointmeters to detect the movements between two anchors.
  • It is suitable to be merged in concrete grouting, placing it across expansion joints, as usually occur in concrete dam.
  • A thermistor allows temperature measurement for temperature compensation, if needed.
  • It consists in two anchors, a vibrating wire displacement tranducer (DTE) and an external PVC casing.
  • Instrument’s measuring range is pre-set to measure the traction/compression of 50% full scale.
  • Any settings different from the standard can be requested to SISGEO in the purchase order.

Wire Deformometers
Sisgeo Wire Deformometers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Wire Deformometers to monitor the changes in the distance between two anchor points.
  • Typical applications include measurements of small cracks, convergence monitoring in tunnel and structural deformations.
  • The USB wire deformometer consist of an aluminium logger and transducer box with a tensioned steel wire having 80mm stroke.
  • Electrical deformometer, available with both potentiometer or vibrating wire transducer, is composed by a stainless steel body mounted on fixing plate.
  • A kevlar rope realizes the connection between the transducer and the target.

Wire Crackmeters
Sisgeo Wire Crackmeters

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Wire Crackmeters to monitor the changes in the distance between two anchor points located up to 30 m apart.
  • Typical applications include measurements of large displacement associated with landslides, monitoring of rock-masses, mansonry cracks and surveying of earth faults.
  • The wire crackmeter consists of a stainless steel transducer box which includes the rotary electronic sensor with a wire tensioning device having 2 meter stroke.
  • Transducer box is supplied with a galvanised steel fixing plate.
  • The target is an eyebolt expansion anchor.

Deformometer And Mechanical Jointmeters
Sisgeo Deformometer And Mechanical Jointmeters

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Deformometer And Mechanical Jointmeters a large range of mechanical crackmeters (jointmeters) are produced to suit all the client requests.
  • The removable deformeter allows to measure relative movements between two reference pins positioned across the joint (fissure).
  • Supplied with carrying case it has a precise sliding rail with adjustable base length.
  • Uniaxial and 3-D (triaxial) mechanical jointmeters are available to monitor joints and cracks.
  • The movements between the two anchors are obtained with mechanical dial gauge.
  • Simple and cheap, the TT-1 tell-tale crack-monitor installed across a fissure allows the crack survey in two directions.

Crackmeters & Jointmeters
Sisgeo Crackmeters & Jointmeters

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Crackmeters & Jointmeters to monitor movement across surface cracks and joints in concrete structures or rock.
  • The instrument assembly includes sensor housing and target, both parts are equipped with screw anchors.
  • Typically the anchors are bolted on the opposite sides of the joint (crack).
  • The displacement transducer housed in the sensor body is positioned across the joint/crack enabling to measure the changes in the distance between the anchors.
  • CRID is an integrated automatic system for fissure monitoring of building and monuments reducing the visual impact.

Vibrating Wire And Spot-Weldable Strain Gauges
Sisgeo Vibrating Wire And Spot-Weldable Strain Gauges

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Vibrating Wire And Spot-Weldable Strain Gauges to monitor strain in steel or in reinforced concrete and massive concrete structures.
  • Arc-weldable VW strain-gauges are designed for arc welding to steel structure such as tunnel linings, piles and bridges.
  • Directly embedded in concrete for strain measurements of piles, foundations, dams, tunnel, etc.
  • Designed for easy installation on steel structures by means of capacitive spot welder.
  • Resistive strain-gauges are available for dynamic measurements in concrete or steel structure.

Thermometers And Temperature Strings
Sisgeo Thermometers And Temperature Strings

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Thermometers And Temperature Strings is a very important parameter to control for evaluating the influence of the thermal effects on the measurements and on the structure which is monitored.
  • Thermometers are available with platinum RTD (Resistance Thermal Detector) thermistor or vibrating wire probes.
  • All models are housed in a shock resistant stainless steel body to be embedded in concrete.
  • Temperature string probe is available for multiple thermal measurements in boreholes, treches or to be embedded into concrete.