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NVS Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge

Product Features
  • Used to monitor the strain of geotechnical engineering and other concrete building.
  • Apllicable to long-term burying iside hydraulic buildings & other building to measure the strain of the structure interior.
  • Divide into surface type and embedded type
  • Strain gauges can be also buried in basement rock, grouted rubble structure or model sample interior

NVP Vibrating Wire Piezometer

Product Features
  •  Used for seepage pressure monitoring of hydraulic structures or other geotechnical engineering.
  • Suitable for long time buried in hydraulic building or other structures and its foundation or installed in the pressure tube, drilling, pressure, internal structure and the basis of measuring osmotic pressure or liquid level
  • Can simultaneously measure the embedment point the temperature.

NVWG Vibrating Wire Precise Water Level Gauge

Product Features
  • Used for the precise monitoring of the small range water level
  • Applicable to long term installation on hydraulic building
  • To measure the water leakage
  • Precisely measure the water level change of water tank, aqueduct
  • Can also be connected in series to monitor the relative settlement of different displacements. 

NVD Vibrating Wire Multi-Point Extensometer

Product Features
  •  Used to monitor the internal displacement of the foundation, geotechnical engineering, underground engineering, tunnel and slope.
  • Optional anchor or grouting anchor head can be used in soft foundation or rock formations and other environment
  • Has the advantages of large measuring range, compact structure, convienient installation, stable and reliable operation for a long time.

NTR Ceramic Capacitors Pressure Gauge

Product Features
  • Kind of high precision liquid level (pressure) sensor.
  • Used to monitor the water level pressure with a small change range.
  • Can be match with the water pipe type settlement instrument
  • Sensor has the characteristics of high measuring precisicn, strong anti overload & impact resistance temperature of the measuring points can be measured.

Engineering Safety Information Management System

Product Features
  • To build safety monitoring network management system for the river basin, regional & the country.
  • This system is integrated the monitoring business applications in the integration of water conservancy and hydropower projects, geotechnical enginering and municipal traffic engineering.
  • It also based on the management and control plateform and The Basic Technical Guidelines of Intelligent Hydropower Plant.
  • The system is based on the mode of "few people on duty" and it can automatically complete the basic functions such as information collection, calculation & fault diagnosis. 

DAU2000 Data Acquisition Unit

Product Features
  • The main components of DAU200 are NDA series of intellegent data acquisition module.
  • NDA dedicated uninterruptible power supply, NDA communication module, moisture-proof heater and multi-function line.
  • These part are mounted in a sealed box.

NDA Automatic Data Acquisition Module

Product Features
  • Used to collect the signals of all kinds of instrument includes unbonded elastic wire resistance type, inductance type, capacitance type, vibrating wire type, voltage and current signal of transmitter type, potentiometer type.
  • The utility model can be used for automatic measurement of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, municipal traffic engineering, mine engineering. 

Dam Safety Information Management System

Product Features


  • Dam safety information management system (DSIMS) can manage the monitoring data of dam and geotechnical engineering.
  • It can apply to the different automatic monitoring system of various scale and factories.
  • Regional and national dam safety monitoring network management system can be constructed based on DSIMS.

NYL3000 Pressure Transmitter

Product Features
  • This item which can adjust the precision of zero and full range output.
  • High precision, good stability, small size and so on.
  • Can be used in pressure measurement and control in the area such as petroleum, chemical, melalungy, electricity, hydrology and other industrial process.