Soil Drilling & Sampling

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Lord Sampler
Soil Moisture Lord Sampler

Product Features
  • Soil Moisture Lord Sampler is 38" (0.97 m) in overall length with a 1" (2.5cm) shaft X 1.310" (5.2 cm) handle plus handle grips.
  • The "T" handle assembly is made of rugged and welded aluminum tubing and the one foot sample inspection and removal portion, which is now replaceable, is made of tough chrome molly tubing with a black oxide finish.
  • The replaceable cutting tip is made of unfinished but heat treated stainless steel.
  • The unit is also marked in 6" (15.2cm) increments to assure user are at the desired depth while sampling.
  • Optional with this design is a 4 foot depth option or a stainless steel sample inspection and removal portion.

Drop Hammer
Soil Moisture Drop Hammer

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp Drop Hammer used to hammer the Soil Sampling Tubes into the soil.
  • Long guide rod provides continous alignment while hammering and the top grip allows for pinch free hammer blows.
  • Center hole is provided for "knock out" back hammering to remove the tube frome the soil once it's inserted.

Soil Sampler Probes
Spectrum Soil Sampler Probes

Product Features
  • Soil Moisture Soil Sampler Probes Draw uniform samples for on-site tests or sending to a lab.
  • Model HC: overall length of 20.5 in (50 cm), an 18 in (46 cm) sampling tube and an 8 in (20 cm) wide handle.
  • Model J: overall length of 24 in (61 cm), a 12 in (30 cm) removable sampling tube and an 8 in (20 cm) wide handle.
  • Model LS: 3 ft (1 m) heavy-duty sampler with an 11 in (28 cm) sampling tube, cut-out sleeve and foot step.
  • Auger Tube Kit: overall length of 3 ft (1 m) assembled with 8 in (20 cm) auger length and 12 in (30 cm) wide handle.


Geologist Hammers
Eijkelkamp 99.07 Geologist Hammer

Product Features
  • Can be obtained pointed or with a blade.
  • Eijkelkamp 99.07 Geologist Hammer used to obtain a rough indication of the hardness of soil or rock, the removing of fossils, scraping stones, emptying gouges and many other applications.

Auger set for heterogeneous soils
Eijkelkamp 01.11.SO Auger Set For Heterogeneous Soils

Product Features
  • Augerings and samplings in heterogeneous soils (soils with a layered soil profile) can be executed with the composition of different auger types.
  • Manual augering to a depth of 5 m.
  • The combinations of different auger types (diameter 7 cm) make it successfully to be used in augering layered soil profiles.
  • Eijkelkamp 01.11.SO Auger Set For Heterogeneous Soils used for augerings above the water table in all soils, and below the water table in cohesive soils.
  • Comprises four types of Edelman augers (clay-, sand-, coarse sand and combination type), a Riverside auger, a stony soil auger, a spiral auger, a piston sampler and a gouge auger.
  • Additionally contains: extension rods, a fiberglass utility probe, a sounding device with measuring tape, a push-/pull handle, maintenance equipment and a field data registration set.
  • The complete set is delivered in an aluminium transport case.
  • Standard bayonet connection or a conical screw thread connection.