Soil Moisture measurement

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e + SOIL MCT sensor/logger
Eijkelkamp 11.41.11.SA e + SOIL MCT sensor/logger

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 11.41.11.SA e + SOIL MCT sensor/logger measurement of Moisture content, electrical Conductivity and Temperature in soils or comparable substrates.
  • Storage of the measurements.
  • Comparison of actual values to preset alarm values (when using telemetry).
  • Transfer of the measurements optically to the user directly or via the e-SENSE telemetry system.
  • Allows for user definable sampling and transfer intervals, which also can be set remotely.
  • The measuring principle of the sensor is based on the Frequency Domain Method (FD), described by Wageningen University & Research Centre (van Balendonck and Hillhorst), at a frequency of 20 MHz, from which the system derives permittivity, conductivity and temperature.
  • The sensor contains a dedicated chip developed by the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering in Wageningen, the Netherlands and amicrocontroller data logger with embedded software that will allow for a range of applications, e.g. the sensor can derive from its data, such as volumetric water content and bulk electrical conductivity (ECb).
  • The internal software can automatically compensate the conductivity for the measured temperature.
  • From a range of different soil types the moisture content will be accurately measurable, based on general calculation models (e.g. TOPP 2001 model) and local calibration data.
  • Soil specific calibration is possible with a 2-point calibration which can be set up by the user.

W.E.T. Sensor
Eijkelkamp 19.33 W.E.T. Sensor

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 19.33 W.E.T. Sensor to measure pore water conductivity and temperature in the top layer of a soil.
  • The measurement values are shown on the display of the hand held meter and can be stored in the memory (including time and sensor location). These data can be read on a PC.
  • The WET sensor measures three vital soil properties directly within the soil: Water content, Electrical conductivity and Temperature.
  • The sensor is unique in its ability to measure pore water conductivity, which is the EC of the water that is available to the plant.
  • Traditionally this measurement has been made by the time-consuming and error-prone method of extracting pore water from the soil by suction, before measuring it with a standard conductivity meter.
  • In contrast, the WET sensor is simply pushed into the soil (or other growing medium) and then read directly using the hand held meter.
  • The standard set includes the WET sensor, a hand held meter, the software and a carrying case.

ET Gauge
Spectrum ET Gauge

Product Features
  • Spectrum ET Gauge monitor your crop and soil water loss through evapotranspiration.
  • Helps you know precisely when to irrigate
  • Fill it with distilled water and check the level periodically
  • Stands approximately 2 ft (0.6 m) tall

Soil Moisture Tester
Spectrum Soil Moisture Tester

Product Features
  • Analog soil moisture meter measures any type of soil with just one calibration
  • Resistance-type sensor located at the tip of the shaft
  • Spectrum Soil Moisture Tester provides instant results ranging from 0 (dry) to 10 (saturated)
  • 3-month warranty

Septum Tensiometers
Skye Septum Tensiometers

Product Features
  • The clear perspex tubes with porous ceramic bulbs are sealed at the top with a septum stopper. 
  • Skye Septum Tensiometers to obtain the pressure reading inside the tube a Needle Sensor with HydroSense meter, which incorporates a pressure transducer, is used to pierce the septum stopper and the reading is dispalyed on the HydroSense meter.  
  • There is the facility in the meter to store readings from a great many locations.

Standard Electronic Tensiometers
Skye Standard Electronic Tensiometers

Product Features
  • Skye Standard Electronic Tensiometers deal for unattended logging
  • They are available for different depths up to 2m.
  • They can be used with the Skye DataHog datalogger – up to 8 tensiometers on one DataHog

Dial Tensiometers
Skye Dial Tensiometers

Product Features
  • Traditional design tensiometer with dial gauge readout of soil suction
  • Low cost, simple to use
  • Direct readout without the need for an electronic meter
  • Skye Dial Tensiometers ideal for irrigation management
  • Suitable for soil, peat and other mediums
  • No correction factors for different soils or mediums
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Use in conjunction with automatic tensiometers for soil mapping

Soil Moisture Monitoring
Soil Moisture Monitoring

Product Features
  • To accurately measure and record the soil moisture in most locations.
  • The system employs low cost gypsum blocks to measure the electrical resistance of the soil.
  • The resistance value is converted into a soil suction measurement (in units of bars).
  • The gypsum block or blocks are connected to a data logger in a waterproof enclosure that is mounted on a pole or a frame with a tripod base, depending on the permanence of the installation.
  • The data logger will measure, store and display soil measurement data for about one year using the logger’s internal battery.
  • Can be done over landline, cellular, and radio communication links, whichever alterative is available and most cost effective at the installation site. 

20 Bar Compressor
Soil Moisture 20 Bar Compressor

Product Features
  • Used as a pressure supply for Pressure Extractors.
  • Soil Moisture 20 Bar Compressor designed for sustained, continuous operation, and provides 0-290 psi (20 bar) operating pressure.
  • Fully assembled and tested at the factory.
  • The oil is then removed prior to shipment.
  • Comes complete with preset safety relief valves, pressure limit switches and shutoffs for excessive pressures or electrical conditions.
  • A neccessity for a soils labs with consistent and reliable operations spanning decades without service requirements except for the occasional draining the receiver tank of water condensation and regular oil changes.
  • Comes complete ready to work right out of the box. 1 quart, SAE (5-30) oil included, already wired with US 110/220 plugs.
  • Available in 110V and 230V.

Pressure Plate Cell
Soil Moisture Pressure Plate Cell

Product Features
  • Soil Moisture Pressure Plate Cell the global standard used for soil water retention measurements and extractions
  • The widest selection of 0.5 bar to 15 bar
  • Reusable for years of cost effective service
  • Each plate tested for air entry and flow
  • Fits all Soilmoisture pressure extractors and most competitive extractors