Climate/ Meteo Sensors

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UVI Sensor
Skye UVI Sensor

Product Features
  • Skye UVI Sensor designed to match the erythemal curve.
  • Components used have been selected for their stability in a UV environment.
  • The bandwidth characteristics are tailored to the ISO standard.

Skye Raingauge

Product Features
  • Based on the tipping-bucket technique.
  • Has an aerodynamic collecting funnel
  • Skye Raingauge manufactured from UV resistant plastic. 
  • Heated versions are available

Skye RHTPlus

Product Features
  • Highest quality, meteorological specification sensors
  • Fully recalibrateable
  • Easy plug-and-play interchange
  • Skye RHTPlus choice of temperature elements and outputs
  • Innovative method of fitting inside the radiation – no screws, therefore no tools required
  • Probe & screen designed and manufactured by Skye

Air Pressure Sensor
Skye Air Pressure Sensor

Product Features
  • Skye Air Pressure Sensor range of sensors to suit different environments and dataloggers/data acquisition systems
  • Housing suitable for indoor or continuous outdoor use
  • Available with a range of mounting accessories

Skye Pyranometers

Product Features
  • Skye Pyranometers for measurement of total sunlight and for use in outdoor locations,
  • A very popular and cost effective sensor, which is calibrated against a WMO Secondary Standard Thermopile.
  • Output is proportional to total solar energy in watt.m-2.

‘Standard’ Fibre Optic Light Measuring System
Skye ‘Standard’ Fibre Optic Light Measuring System

Product Features
  • Skye ‘Standard’ Fibre Optic Light Measuring System to measure light in hard to reach places and this is achieved by an innovative design that allows the light-accepting portion of the sensor to be separate from the electronics.
  • Studying the amount of incident light in shallow waters, the amount of light entering nesting areas, light measurements in rock crevices and light penetrating thick low-lying canopies such as grasses and shrubs.
  • Direct reading of light levels
  • Cutting edge-design minimises sensor head size
  • Easy access to hard to reach areas
  • Complete package – ready to use out of the box
  • Completely portable – take readings anywhere
  • 2-Channel Versions available

‘Mini’ Fibre Optic Light Measuring System
Skye ‘Mini’ Fibre Optic Light Measuring System

Product Features
  • Skye ‘Mini’ Fibre Optic Light Measuring System for measuring light levels in moss, short sward, crevices, small spaces.
  • Utilises a 2.2mm diameter fibre optic with cosine-correction.
  • Can be single or dual channel. 
  • Fitted with filtering for a PAR Quantum response.
  • The SpectroSense2 meter will display the readings on the LCD display and also give a ratio of one probe to the other, when a dual channel is purchased.

2 & 4 channel Light Sensors
Skye 2 & 4 channel Light Sensors

Product Features
  • Skye 2 & 4 channel Light Sensors to measure reflected as well as incident light at two or four different wavelengths.
  • Can be used either with or without the cosine collecting adapter in place on top of the sensor.
  • Clearly with the adapter in place the light measured by the two or four channels of the sensor is from a cosine (hemispherical) distribution. 
  • If the adapter is removed, then the two or four channel narrow acceptance angle channels are exposed for use with light reflected from the surface to be studied.
  • Wavelengths and bandwidths can be ordered between 400 and 2400nm.

Sensors For The Hansatech Leaf Chamber
Skye Sensors For The Hansatech Leaf Chamber

Product Features
  • Skye Sensors For The Hansatech Leaf Chamber for use with the leaf chamber produced by Hansatech Ltd. 
  • There is a choice of two spectral responses – the standard Quantum response and a 550-750nm response to match the LEDs used for leaf illumination.

Red / Far-Red Sensor
Skye Red / Far-Red Sensor

Product Features
  • A 2-channel sensor with narrow band filters centred at 660nm and 730nm.
  • Skye Red / Far-Red Sensor a very popular filter combination important for plant phytochrome studies, and controlling plant responses in mixed lighting conditions.