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ADK-20 Datalogger
Sisgeo ADK-20 Datalogger

Product Features
  • 5-channels datalogger
  • Sisgeo ADK-20 Datalogger built around the Campbell Scientific CR200X module
  • Able to read and store data from all 4-20mA instruments and termistor sensors.
  • ADK-20 could be powered in two ways: IP67 power supply module (input tension from 85V to 264V, 50-60Hz) and Solar Kit composed by 20W panel, 18Ah battery and 3m pole.
  • GSM/GPRS modem could be connected to ADK-20 for remote management (logger programming, send data, etc…)
  • Control actions can be managed through the Multilogger Software.

CRD-400 Multipurpose Readout
Sisgeo CRD-400 Multipurpose Readout

Product Features
  • Sisgeo CRD-400 Multipurpose Readout a new generation single-channel multipurpose readout designed to take readings of all Sisgeo Instruments, both electric and vibrating wire.
  • 3.5” color graphic display sunlight reliable
  • AA type Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Splash-proof hand-held case
  • CRD-400 permits readings in both electrical and engineering units; the wide display shows battery level in every windows.
  • The readout is furnished travel bag, battery charger, 6 clips cable and CD-ROM manual.
  • High accuracy (0.01% FS), wide variety of measures and an extremely competitive price, make of CRD-400 a unique product on the market, able to match the most demanding needs.


Field Miniloggers
Sisgeo Field Miniloggers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Field Miniloggers a line of inexpensive compact multichannel dataloggers designed for use with vibrating wire and 4-20mA instruments.
  • Miniloggers are housed in rugged wall mounting enclosure for unattended monitoring in remote locations.
  • The internal memory permits to store thousands readings; data are easily downloaded on PC or notebook through RS485 or USB interface.
  • Specific software allow the user to program scan interval, to export and archive data and create simple graphs.

LC-BOX Local Readout For Load Cells
Sisgeo LC-BOX Local Readout For Load Cells

Product Features
  • Sisgeo LC-BOX Local Readout For Load Cells an on-site direct reading tool for electric anchor load cells
  • instantaneous instrument readings are shown on the LCD display in electric (mV/V) or engineering values (KN).
  • Two model are available: 4-cells LC BOX (0L2ADR04LCD) or 8-cells LC BOX (0L2ADR08LCD).
  • LC BOX is powered by No.4 AA batteries (4×1,5V); at the start-up, LCD display show the battery charge in order to check the battery life.
  • With LC-BOX local readout, you will also receive an easy-to-use Software that permits connection with a PC/Notebook (through RS232/USB cable), LC BOX configuration and data export in “csv” file Excel compatible.

Portable Dataloggers
Sisgeo Portable Dataloggers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Portable Dataloggers can be supplied with bluetooth module (optional) that allows the datalogger’s connection to your smartphone.
  • Through the smartphone it is possible to send site’s readings through e-mail. 
  • So, it will not be necessary to wait to return in office to have readings on PC.
  • LEONARDO is able to read and store data from any kind of electrical Sisgeo instruments and show data in engineering units as KPa, m, KN, microstrain, ºC, angle e sen alpha.
  • GALILEO is specially designed for vibrating wire technology. 
  • The operating software allows filtering of the harmonic frequencies, by means of Fourier Transform, improving quality and stability of measurements.
  • NEW LEONARDO allows the reading of all types of Sisgeo’s instruments including both vibrating wire and electrical sensors.
  • ARCHIMEDE is designed for take readings with removable inclinometer probes, spiral meter probe and T-REX incremental extensometer.
  • The new firmware version 0.3.0 allow to manage the SISGEO digital inclinometers through the built-in RS485 interface.


Unidata Pressure Transmitters

Product Features
  • These robust semiconductor strain-gauge type pressure transmitters are packaged along with temperature compensation circuitry and signal amplifiers in a weatherproof enclosure.
  • Unidata Pressure Transmitters is the transmitter provides a voltage signal that is analogous to the pressure applied to its sensor.
  • Two types of transmitter are available: gauge and differential.
  • The gauge type measures pressure as compared to the atmosphere.
  • It is used in many applications like gas pressure and water monitoring.
  • The differential type pressure transmitter measures the difference between two pressures.

Pressure Transducers
Unidata Pressure Transducers

Product Features
  • Unidata Pressure Transducers use a high integrity silicon diaphragm and are temperature compensated.
  • Each transducer comes factory-calibrated with a calibration certificate.
  • A transducer for a wider calibrated temperature range of -20 to 80°C with an accuracy of ±1.5% of full scale is available on request.

IMKO TRIME-T3/IPH54 Borehole Probe, Up To 50m Depth

Product Features
  • IMKO TRIME-T3/IPH54 Borehole Probe, Up To 50m Depth for measuring at multiple points inside the borehole it is possible to connect several T3/IPH54 in series, one after another via the IMP232-Bus (Imko-Bus).
  • For a bottom-up borehole installation IMKO can deliver special equipment with packer probe, hydraulic pump for pottant, etc.
  • Perfect for applications in deeper rock or concrete, up to 50m depth with a borehole diameter of 54mm.

Landustrie Seawolf Submersible Vortex Pump Type DWP

Product Features
  • Landustrie Seawolf Submersible Vortex Pump Type DWP the unmatched solids handling performance inherent principle makes this pump first choice for sewage, waste water and industrial application.
  • This Vortex pump can handle larger and heavier solids. 
  • Fibrous materials as well as heavy and gassy sludge is pumped with ease.
  • Non-clogging design
  • Low wear 
  • Low vibration
  • Constant performance 
  • Low maintenance
  • ATEX standard certified flameproof version
  • Optional: special materials, custom build versions


Landustrie Beaver Submersible Sludge Pump

Product Features
  • Landustrie Beaver Submersible Sludge Pump dredging design
  • Clog-free impeller with optional agitator
  • Nihard 4 lowest wear
  • Constant high performance
  • Low maintenance
  • ATEX standard certified flameproof version
  • Slim line versions
  • Custom build versions such as hydraulic motor drive