Level Measurement & Monitoring

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MJK Hydrostatic Level Measurement

Product Features

 ·         Designed for immersion in open tanks, wet-wells, ground water and reservoirs.

·         MJK Hydrostatic Level Measurement for measurement under rough conditions in all water and wastewater applications with large concentrations of sludge and suspended solids. 

·         Sturdy design with housing in re-enforced plastic or stainless steel.

·         Cables are insulated with PUR, and steel reinforced to achieve very high tensile strength.

·         Sensing membranes are made with either ceramic or stainless steel.

·         Outputs are analog two-wire 4-20 mA, voltage or digital Modbus RTU.

·         The Expert Hydrostatic Level Transmitters line consists of Expert Hydrostatic Analogue Submersible Level Transmitters, Expert Hydrostatic Digital Submersible Level Transmitters, Level Transmitters for clean water applications and Level Transmitters for waste water applications.

MJK Shuttle ® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Product Features

 ·         A one-step measurement start-up procedure.

·         Easy to follow and easy to modify the set-up of all functions, controls and signal management features.

·         The advanced on board software ensures accurate and reliable operation even in difficult applications.

·         MJK Shuttle ® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is for level measuring in tanks, wells, containers, weirs, flumes, canals, etc.

·         An advanced microprocessor based ultrasonic level meter with an intelligent, precise measuring system utilizing the latest hardware and software technology.

·         Provide simple and logical operation, using advanced technology resulting in a high quality product at a competitive price

MJK Controller 712

Product Features


  • MJK Controller 712 is compact unit for control of 2 pumps or valves with optional alternation and also an alarm output.
  • Can control 1 or 2 pumps by means of level electrodes and a timer.
  • The pumps are started when the level reaches the start electrode, and is stopped either when the level goes below the stop electrode or after runout of a timer.
  • Has 3 output relays; 2 for control of pumps and 1 for alarm.
  • A total of 5 level electrodes or 4 float switches can be connected to Controller 712.
  • Can be connected to a GSM or GPRS-Com modem for transmission of service data and alarms to SCADA systems or as SMS text.

MJK Pump Controller 704

Product Features


  • To control up to 4 pumps or valves between adjustable levels.
  • MJK Pump Controller 704 functions for control, alarm, indication and flow calculation are selectable.
  • Delivered with either an MJK Ultrasonic sensors or a Expert™ Hydrostatic piezoresistive Level transmitter.
  • Supplied with serial data communication capabilities so that it can be connected to a SCADA System.

MJK Pump Controller 701

Product Features


  • MJK Pump Controller 701 are compact unit for level control of 1 pump and 1 alarm or for 2 pumps in alternating service.
  • Supplied either complete with Expert™ Hydrostatic piezoresistive Level transmitter and cable bracket or as a separate unit.

Eijkelkamp Grundfos MP 1

Product Features
  • The ultimate 2” submersible pump for purging and sampling monitoring wells up to a depth of 85 meters.
  • Submersible pump MP1, centri- fugal type f. purging/sampling monitoring wells
  • Stainless steel 316
  • Pressure head lift max. 86 m
  • Adjust. cap. till max. 1.8 m3/h, 220 V 1.1 kW, for connection to frequency converter
  • Pump Ø 45 mm
  • 287 mm long
  • Teflon cable 20 m                                 

Hondex™ Digital Depth Sounder

Product Features
  • Frequency: 200 KHz with a 24° beam angle. 
  • Minimum Depth: 1.8’ (0.6m).
  • Maximum Depth: 260’ (79m).
  • Accuracy: ±1%. 
  • Backlight: Filament light. 
  • Dimensions: 1.7” x 7.8”. 
  • Weight with battery: 10 oz.


Starflow QSD Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity & Depth SDI-12 Instrument

Product Features

The Unidata 6527 Starflow QSD SDI-12 Instrument is used to measure water velocity, depth and temperature of water flowing in rivers, streams, open channels and large pipes.

When used with a companion Unidata IP data logger, flow rate and total flow can also be calculated.

Velocity Range:
– 20mm/s to 1600mm/s in one direction
– 20mm/s to 3200mm/s in one direction (parameter setting)
– Bidirectional flow capacity (parameter setting)
Velocity Accuracy: ±2% of measured velocity
Velocity Resolution: 1mm/s

Depth Range: 20mm to 2.0m/5.0m*
* Range is above sensor and up to 2000mm in water with heavy sediment and up to 5000mm in water with medium sediment.
Depth Accuracy: Typical ± 1%