Products & Services

Supply & Total Solution

We involved in product supply and distribution. We can provide the total solution by selecting the suitable & best products or system for your application.


We also undertake project for:

  • Environmental : Sampling – Analytical- Measurement & Monitoring
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Hydrology : Surface Water Sampling, River Gauging, Water Level & Quality Measurement or Monitoring
  • Hydrogeology : Shallow Well Drilling & Construction-Pumping Test & Ground Water Monitoring Study
  • Water, Sewage plant & Waste Water Measurement & Monitoring
  • Structural Health Monitoring (Eg: KVMRT 2)
  • Noise & Vibration Monitoring
  • Potential Landfill Sites Monitoring
  • Routine Maintenance Service & Field Data Collection Project

Training & Seminar

We often conduct product trainings to ensure that our customers and users are being able to operate the instruments and integrated software in a proper way. All of our engineers and technicians are well trained and proficient while dealing with the latest technology & multiple products families. The training programs are being conducted either at our training centre or in-situ for the convenience of the customers.

We organised Seminar for the benefit of our valued clients and related organization or institutes we have collaborated many times with the aim of educating & sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Hand on and software training available as well!

Service & Repair

Need service or repair? Make it happen here. Free checking.


After a long period of usage, even the most accurate instruments can be subjected to degradation due to over-usage, abuse, drift or aging. Therefore, a calibration is necessary to be carried out. This process is important because it verifies the sensor to meet the original manufacturer’s accuracy specifications and provide users the most accurate readings. In fact, different instruments require different periods of recalibrations. However, regular calibrations ensure the quality of our products.

Rental Service

Soil auger, Contact meter, Moisture meter, Oil/Water Interface meter, Water quality meter etc. Please do contact us for the availability.