Closed GFPCam FC 800-C/1010GFP

Closed GFPCam FC 800-C/1010GFP was specifically developed for various applications requiring imaging of green fluorescent proteins in molecular and cellular biology. The device is equipped with a motorized, software-controlled filter wheel, which provides quick and simple switching between the GFP and chlorophyll fluorescence detection.

Closed GFPCam FC 800-C/1010GFP is a GFP version of the Closed FluorCam and represents a highly innovative, robust and user-friendly world-wide used system for combined multispectral and kinetic fluorescence imaging. The basic system of the Closed FluorCam (CCD camera, four fixed LED panels) is supplemented by a fully motorized and software-controlled filter wheel and appropriate filter sets for the detection and imaging of green fluorescent protein (GFP), red-shifted GFP (EGFP), or other variants of fluorescent proteins. The blue emitting and red fluorescent protein can be detected and imaged in absence of chlorophyll. It consists of a CCD camera, four to five fixed LED panels (4 + 1 additional, which is not included in the standard setup) and of a filter wheel equipped with up to 7 different emission filters. The LED panels provide uniform irradiance over an area 90 × 90 mm –suitable for imaging of small plants (such as Arabidopsis thaliana), detached leaves, mosses, lichens, plated algal colonies or algal suspensions, etc. The system is very compact and allows easy dark adaptation of an investigated sample.

The Closed GFPCam FluorCam generates images of fluorescence signal at any moment of the experiment and presents them using a false color scale. Full kinetic analysis is available. In all applications, the camera allows imaging of fluorescence transients that are induced by actinic light or by saturating flashes. The timing and amplitude of actinic irradiance is determined by user-defined protocols. The device configuration also provides user-friendly and quick switching between the GFP and chlorophyll fluorescence detection.

The Closed GFPCam FluorCam includes a high-performance PC and comprehensive software package comprising full system control, data acquisition and image processing. For an experienced professional, the software offers a sophisticated programming language that can be used for designing novel timing and measuring sequences.

Fluorescence Parameters Measured parameters: FO, FM, FV, FO', FM', FV', FT
More than 50 calculated parameters: FV/FM, FV'/FM', PhiPSII, NPQ, qN, qP, Rfd, PAR-absorptivity coefficient, and many others
Light Sources 455 nm, 470 nm, 505 nm, 570 nm, 605 nm, 618 nm, 630 nm, 735 nm, white and others
Super Pulse Intensity 4,000 µmol. m-2. s-1 (in standard version)
6,000 µmol. m-2. s-1 (in light-upgraded version)
Actinic Light Intensity Up to 2,000 µmol. m-2. s-1 (in standard version)
Up to 3,000 µmol. m-2. s-1 (in light-upgraded version)
Filter Wheel 7 positions
Light Regime Static or harmonically modulated (sine waveform)
Custom-Defined Protocols Variable timing, special language and scripts
Dimension 472 mm (W) x 479 mm (D) x 513 mm (H)
Weight Appr. 40 kg
Power Input Appr. 1100 W
Electrical 90 – 240 V
Cameras High-resolution TOMI-2