DUST Air Quality Monitor

With the DUST monitor, you can monitor TSP (Total Suspended Particulate), PM 10, PM 2.5 or PM 1. The DUST unit comes with a PM 10 cyclone, but you can easily exchange it for cyclones suitable for smaller particle sizes. Our DUST unit helps you keep your on-site personnel safe by monitoring a major risk factor at construction sites and waste facilities.

The DUST air quality monitor is MCERTS-certified, meaning that it complies with the Quality and Performance Standards for Environmental Data Management Software established by the Environmental Agency of England & Wales. Since MCERTS is based on international standards itself, you can rest assured that the DUST air quality unit meets your regional quality requirements for monitoring devices.

  • CE approved
  • MCERTS-certified
  • FCC international guidelines
  • Low Voltage Directive

The DUST monitor was designed for outdoor use and can be used even in the roughest environment. You can use the DUST air quality sensor for particulate matter monitoring and dust emission simulation in the following environments:

  • Traffic;
  • Construction, excavation, demolition, mining and more;
  • Recycling and waste facilities.