Evaporation Pan

LSI-Lastem evaporimeter pan and plastic platform are built to WMO standards for class “A” evaporimeters.The pan is made in stainless steel. The platform is made of white plastic. The pan features a stainless steel still well fit to contain the evaporimeter level sensor. The sensor consists of a piezometric water level sensor with analogue output for easy connection to any data acquisition systems. LSI-Lastem data loggers can manage the switching of a solenoid valve for the automatic refill of water (when the measured level is below 25 cm).



  • Class A evaporation pan design acconding to WMO;
  • Evaporation derived calculation using LSI LASTEM’s acquisition systems;
  • Automatic water refill system;
  • High accuracy and resolution piezometric water level sensor;
  • Stainless steel assembling.