ME-1600 Multi Function Meter

The 5 in 1 digital multi-tester has been designed to combine the functions
of Sound Level Meter, Light Meter, Humidity Meter, Temperature
Meter and Digital Multimeter.

It is an ideal multi-function Instrument with scores of practical applications for professional and home use.

The Sound Level function can be used to measure noise in factories,
schools, offices, airports, home, etc., checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and hi-fi installations.

The Light function is used to measure illuminance in the field. It is fully
cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The light sensitive component used in the meter is a very Stable, long life silicon diode.

The Humidity/Temperature is for use a humidity/semiconductor sensor and K type thermocouple.

The digital Multimeter performs AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance measurement and Audible Continuity, Diode, Transistor hFE test.

Display 1999 counts LCD display with function of Lux, °C, %, dB indication 
Polarity Automatic, (-) negative polarity indication
Over-Range "OL" mark indication
Law Battery Indication The "BAT" is displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating level
Measurement Rate 1.5 times per second, nominal
Operating Environment 0 - 50 °C at <70% RH
Storage Temperature -10 - 60 °C at <80% RH
Power One standard 9V, NEDA1604 or 6F22 battery
Dimensions 121.5 (H) x 60.6 (W) x 40 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 280g including holster
Accuracy is given at 18 - 28 °C, less than 70% RH