WatchDog 3230 Wireless Plant Growth Station

The WatchDog® 3230 Wireless Plant Growth Station measures, records, and communicates the important crop growing conditions in a greenhouse. The portable station has an integrated solar power system.

More light generally increases plant quality. When the shade cloth is pulled, there appears to be enough light, but your eyes can deceive you! Only by knowing the DLI (Daily Light Integral) can you be confident of growing quality, profitable plants. 

• Compact & Portable

• Wi-Fi communication

• Integrated solar power system

• Data stored and viewed on the SpecConnect Cloud

• View current conditions on the free WatchDog Mobile App

• View DLI values for the last 24 hours on the app

• Easy setup and configuration with the Mobile App

• Send Temperature Alerts to your phone - optional

• 5 Available sensor ports to optionally measure soil moisture, EC, and temperature, or additional PAR Light or temperature/RH sensors to measure at different heights

*Pro Models include Full-Spectrum Light Sensor

**Aspirated Models include both the Full-Spectrum Light Sensor and an Aspirated Radiation Shield. 


  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • PAR Light from any source

Communication Options

  • WiFi
  • LTE