Vibrating Wire And Multipoint Piezometers

The Vibrating Wire And Multipoint Piezometers also called multilevel piezometers, provide measurements of pore-water pressure at different elevations in the same borehole. Isolation of the pore-water pressure at each elevation is achieved by the fully-grouted installation method.
Full scales (FS)

0-350 kPa up to 0-3.5 MPa
0-51 psi up to 0-510 psi

Overpressure 2 x Full Scale
Sensitivity 0.025% FS
Linearity < ±0.4% FS
Total Accuracy < ±0.25% FS (< ±0.1% FS on request)
Typical frequency range 2250 - 3000 Hz
Thermal zero shift 0.01÷0.03 % FS /°C
Temp. operating range -20 to +80 °C
Temperature sensor built-in thermistor
Material stainless steel
Diameter and weight Ø 48.3 mm (19”), 2 kg (4.4 lbs)