The CTD-Diver is a submersible datalogger for long-term uninterrupted, real-time water level monitoring using a pressure sensor when submerged at a fixed level under the water surface. The pressure sensor measures the equivalent hydrostatic pressure of the water above the sensor diaphragm to calculate the total water depth. The new CTD-Diver comes with an upgraded memory size of 144,000 records, backup memory and is also available in a 200-meter pressure range.


  • Innovative ceramic housing technology
  • Three sensors in one sealed housing
  • Conductivity range up to 120 mS/cm
  • Compact size: Ø 22 mm – length 135 mm
  • Various measurement methods
  • Memory: 144,000 records of time stamp, pressure and temperature with backup
  • 200-meter pressure range version available


  • Corrosion Proof
  • Monitor conductivity, water levels, and temperature
  • Suitable for use at most sites
  • Easy installation in almost every well
  • Event based, averaging and pumping tests sample methods to conserve memory
  • Cost effective frequent, long-term measuring
  • Reliable and accurate data
  • Suitable for wells with deep filters


Length 135mm
Diameter 22mm
Memory 144,000 measurements
Housing Ceramic (ZrO2)
Weight 95g
Battery Life 10 years (dependent on usage)
Sample Interval 1 second to 99 hours
Sample Methods Fixed, event dependent, averaging, and pumping test



Part No DI281 DI282 DI283 DI284 Unit
Range 10 50 100 200 m
Accuracy ±0.5 ±2.5 ±5.0 ±10.0 cmH2O
Resolution 0.2 1.0 2.0 4.0 cmH2O



  Value Unit
Range -20 .. +80 °C
Accuracy ±0.1 °C
Resolution 0.01 °C



  Value Unit
Range 30 or 120 (user adjustable) mS/cm
Accuracy ±1% of reading mS/cm
Resolution 0.1% of reading mS/cm