SEBA Bubbler Level Sensor PS-Light-2

Robust, reliable and accurate: Using a high-performance, durable and brushless small compressor, air is forced at adjustable measuring intervals into the water via a tube. The pressure generated in the transmission line corresponds exactly to the hydrostatic pressure over the outlet nozzle. This is measured using a ceramic pressure measuring cell in the PS Light-2. Prior to each measurement a sensor drift compensation occurs. PS-Light-2 is as precise after many years of operation as on day one.

The measuring cell of the PS-Light-2 does not come directly into contact with the measured medium and therefore does not have to be cleaned regularly of deposits (e.g. lime).

Since, as is generally known, air is not conductive, elaborate electronic overvoltage protection can be dispensed with.

PS-Light-2 engages in a continuous measurement operation and can easily be autonomously supplied with solar panels (e.g. 50 W panel, at 5-minute measuring interval and 1/4 hourly transmission).

Last but not least:
The measurement system is available in several versions PS-Light-2 sensor with or without an LCD, PS-Light-2-LCD with an integrated data collector and as a compact data transferring station PS-Light-2-Modem (including remote data transmission).


Sensor Relative pressure sensor
Measurement Principle Bubble gauge principle (pneumatic)
Measuring Range

0-10m (standard)

0-20m, 0-40m (option)

Measuring Accuracy ± 0.05% FS
Measuring Interval adjustable from 2 minutes onwards



Material Plastic
Dimensions 240 x 160 x 94 mm (Standard)
Display 3 lines, 16 characters, backlight (option: type PS-Light-2 Sensor LCD, PS-Light-2)
Keyboard 3 function keys
Protection Class IP65
Fastening Wall mounting
Communication Interface RS232, USB, Bluetooth



Digital RS485: SHWP (standard), SDI-12

0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0/4-20 mA

*only one of the above outputs can be selected in each case



Power Supply 10...24 VDC
Operating Temperature -20 °C...+60 °C
Cable 2 m signal cable included