Multiparameter Probe MPS-K16/Qualilog16

Robust, pluggable multiparameter sensor made of plastic (PVC-U) for mounting up to twelve sensors (water level, temperature, conductivity, pH, redox potential, oxygen, turbidity, ammonia, nitrate, chloride, ammonium, sodium, calcium, fluoride, potassium, chlorophyll or cyano-bacteria-rhodamine WT)

Individually configurable:
Depending on the measurement task at hand, the MPS-K16 can be individually equipped with a maximum of twelve water quality sensors and can detect up to 17 measurement parameters.

Simple handling:
Special bayonet locks grant the users a simple and quick replacement of worn sensors. The calibration and configuration of the MPS-K16 is done by means of a special USB-RS485 interface cable in connection with SEBAConfig operation software (Windows). This will automatically detect if a probe is spent and must be replaced.

The housing of the MPS-K16 is made of durable plastic (PVC-U). The probe can thus be used even under adverse ambient conditions (e.g. landfill sites, contaminated sites).

The proven and robust SEBA-connect feature of the MPS-K16 allows both the connection to mobile handsets (SEBA electric contact meter, KLL-Q-2, Checker-2) and stationary data collectors with (UniLogCom, LogCom/FlashCom) or without data transmission (Qualilog16).

Water Level 

Sensor Relative pressure probe
Measuring Principle Capacitive with ceramic measurement cell
Measuring Range 0-2 / 1 /4/ 5/ 20/ 40/ 100 / 200m Water column or according to specification
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.1% FS
Long Term Stability ± 0.1% / year


Water Temperature 

Sensor NTC30 with polynomial linearization
Measuring Principle NTC resistor
Measuring Range -5 - + 50 ° C
Measuring Accuracy 0.1 ° C
Pressure Range 0 - 50 bar



Sensor 4-electrode measuring cell
Measuring Range 0-200mS / cm (total) automatic
Measuring Accuracy ± 1μS / cm at measuring range 0-200μS / cm; +/- 0.5% with measuring range 0.2-200mS
Pressure Range 0 - 50 bar



Sensor Glass electrode
Measuring Range 0 - 14 pH
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.1pH
Pressure Range 0 - 20 bar



Sensor Glass electrode
Measuring Range -1200mV-1200mV
Measuring Accuracy ± 10mV
Pressure Range 0 - 20 bar



Sensor Clark electrode (amperometric)
Measuring Range 0-40mg
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.5% FS
Pressure Range 0 - 10 bar



Derived Parameters Suspended substances [mg / l] optically
Measuring Range 0-1000 NTU and 0-5000 NTU
Measuring Accuracy ± 1% of the respective end of measuring range
Pressure Range 0-10bar (with wiper) 0-20bar (without wiper)


*Other parameters are possible to be measured using MPS-K16. Please refer to the brochure.