Campbell Scientific PVS4150C Portable Water Sampler

The PVS4150C is a portable, battery-operated water sampler that deposits its water samples into a 2.3 gallon container. Designed for easy transport, the PVS4150C includes in-line wheels, a telescoping handle, three soft -grip handles, and a rugged enclosure.

  • Has a watertight enclosure constructed of strong, lightweight, HPX® resin.
  • PVS4150C Portable Water Sampler designed for easy transport, the enclosure includes four press and pull latches, three soft-grip handles, in-line wheels, telescoping handle, and flush hinges.
  • Also has two hasps that can be padlocked, and quick connectors that facilitate intake hose removal.
  • The enclosure has cavity space for two Zero-Pak gel ice packs (#12396) to control the sample temperature.
  • Uses an external vacuum pump to draw water through intake tubing.
  • Faster sampling rates, longer sampling distances, and less maintenance.
  • Disturbs the water samples less.
  • Smaller than our larger models.
  • Its lightweight pump is able to take samples at over 5 ft/sec for horizontal draws of up to 25 ft.
  • An optional pressure/vacuum gage allows customers to know that the pump is functioning properly (see Ordering Info).