Eijkelkamp Liquid Layer Sampler, Cable-Operated
  • Eijkelkamp Liquid Layer Sampler, Cable-Operated suitable for sampling and accurately making visible the layers in deeper containers, basins, monitoring wells with a diameter exceeding 38 mm, etc.
  • The sample can be transported without disturbance in the transport tube.
  • The cable-operated liquid layer sampler can not be used in thick, viscous fluids.
  • After sampling, the thickness of the sludge- and floating layers can be measured, as, in the translucent tube, these are visible in the origial position and thickness.
  • The teflon tube can be cleaned easily and effectively.
  • The standard set contains: teflon sample tubes, operating rod with clip, drop weight, teflon control cable, top- and bottom stops, transport tubes and a sturdy carrying bag.