OBS-3+ Turbidity Sensor
  • Sideways facing optics avoid obstructions above and below the probe
  • OBS-3+ Turbidity Sensor for measures suspended solids and turbidity for up to 4000 NTUs
  • Provides a compact, low-power probe that is field proven
  • Accurate and rugged
  • Compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers (including the CR200(X) series)
  • Stainless-steel body allows use down to 500 m in fresh water
  • Titanium body allows use down to 1500 m in fresh or salt water
  • Fitted with MCBH-5-FS, wet-pluggable connector—multiple mating cable length options available
  • Offers an optional five-point sedimentation calibration for better measurements (see Ordering Info)