Eijkelkamp 01.11.SO Auger Set For Heterogeneous Soils
  • Augerings and samplings in heterogeneous soils (soils with a layered soil profile) can be executed with the composition of different auger types.
  • Manual augering to a depth of 5 m.
  • The combinations of different auger types (diameter 7 cm) make it successfully to be used in augering layered soil profiles.
  • Eijkelkamp 01.11.SO Auger Set For Heterogeneous Soils used for augerings above the water table in all soils, and below the water table in cohesive soils.
  • Comprises four types of Edelman augers (clay-, sand-, coarse sand and combination type), a Riverside auger, a stony soil auger, a spiral auger, a piston sampler and a gouge auger.
  • Additionally contains: extension rods, a fiberglass utility probe, a sounding device with measuring tape, a push-/pull handle, maintenance equipment and a field data registration set.
  • The complete set is delivered in an aluminium transport case.
  • Standard bayonet connection or a conical screw thread connection.