Eijkelkamp 06.15 SA Penetrologger
  • Eijkelkamp 06.15 SA Penetrologger is standard set for measurement to a depth of 80 cm.
  • For in situ measurement of the resistance to penetration of the soil. 
  • The cone is screwed on the probing rod, which is connected with a quick coupling to the force sensor on the penetrologger. Now the cone is pushed slowly and regularly into the soil.
  • The depth reference plate, which is on the soil surface, reflects the signals of the ultrasonic sensor, which results in a very accurate depth measurement.
  • The depth reference plate is also used to reflect the signals which are used to control the penetration speed.
  • The measured resistance to penetration and the GPS coordinates are stored in the internal logger of the penetrologger.
  • Depending on the application and the expected resistance to penetration, various cones can be connected to the probing rods.
  • Optional is the possibility of soil moisture measurement with an external soil moisture sensor.