Tramex MRH III Hygro-I Kit


Categories: Environment, Moisture Meters, Tramex

  • Tramex MRH III Hygro-I Kit complete package for moisture and humidity measurement of the building envelope.
  • Incorporating 3 modes of operation : non invasive moisture content testing of wood, plug in heavy duty wood pin probe with extra insulated 7” (200mm) pins for deep wall probing and plug in Hygro-i Humidity Probe for Relative
  • Relative scale of 0-100 for other building materials including drywall, laminate, residential asphalt shingles and masonry products.
  • Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point and Mixing Ratio readings.
  • MRH III - non-destructive moisture meter with built in wood specific gravity species correction.
  • Reads 1 ¼” deep in wood.
  • Backlit display for easy viewing in low light conditions.