Exotek MC-380XCA

The MC-380XCA is a microprocessor controlled hand-held moisture meter. It is reliable and simple to use and intended for rapid and non-destructive evaluation of the moisture content of wood and building materials, The MC-380XCA can be used in production, inspection control and detection of water damages. In many cases, Relative Humidity (RH) is a more appropriate term. For this reason, the MC-380CXA is programmed to calculate the RH value from the moisture content value for building material. It also has two selectable scanning depths: 10 mm and 100 mm.

  • Exotek MC-380XCA direct read out of Moisture Content in percent water or in Relative Air Humidity (RH%)
  • Dual scanning Depths (10 mm and 100 mm)
  • Non Invasive measurement
  • Extended Material Selection groups.
  • Selectable Alarm Threshold
  • Audio Alarm
  • Hold Function
  • Density selection of wood Groups