PP-Systems CIRAS-3 DC CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer

The CIRAS-3 DC is a lightweight, robust instrument with a rugged aluminum and polyurethane enclosure making it an ideal instrument for both field and lab.  It uses the same high performance, differential CO2 and H2O gas analyzer used in our popular CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System designed for high level leaf gas exchange research.  Our innovative “Auto Zero” measurement principle ensures long term stability and accuracy of both CO2 and H2O which is a significant advantage over “gas switching” systems.  The gas analyzers include an infrared source, highly polished and gold plated sample cells and specially selected detectors optimized for CO2 and H2O.  The optical bench is temperature controlled and pressure compensated ensuring the most accurate CO2 and H2O measurements under changing ambient conditions.

  • High precision instrument featuring 4 independent, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer for both CO2and H2O (True Differential Analyzer)
  • CO2 measurement range: Up to 10000 umol mol-1
  • H2O measurement range: 0-75 mb
  • Fast response and long term stability with built-in Auto Zero
  • Fully compensated for changes in temperature, pressure and foreign gas broadening
  • Large, full color 7″ transflective LCD with optimized viewing angle (30 o)
  • Large numeric and graphical presentation of data
  • Unlimited data storage (internal memory and USB flash drive)
  • Analog and digital (USB) output
  • Built-in  sampling pumps with mass flow controllers for reference and analysis
  • Powerful, intuitive user interface and software
  • On-line Help
  • Remote display capability
  • Internal 7.2V Li-Ion rechargeable battery (optional) for portability