LX-80 Radar Level Meter

An LX-80 is a radar-based level sensor designed for precise, non-contact measurement of the level of various fluids and solids. It was designed to work both in environmental monitoring applications (for hydrological measurements) and in industrial applications. LX-80 comes in three versions: 8 meter, 15 meter and 30 meter version. The radar operates in the W-band (in the range between 77 and 81 GHz), which ensures high accuracy and allows multiple radars to operate close to each other, without mutual interference.

  • Contactless measurement of distance from the sensor to the surface
  • Works on water, ground, most fluids and most solids
  • For environmental and industrial applications
  • Measurement up to 8, 15 or 30 meter distance
  • Ultra-precise 80 GHz radar technology
  • Measurement accuracy +/-3 mm
  • Output rate 1 or 10 samples per second, depending on the model
  • Measurement quality not affected by changes in air temperature or density
  • Simple installation
  • IP68 rated enclosure
  • Supports a variety of communication interfaces
  • Configurable range of interest
  • Compatible with Geolux SmartObserver datalogger and Geolux HydroView cloud-based software for real-time remote monitoring
  • Low power consumption