DIK-6000 Rainfall Simulator

A highly accurate rainfall can be examined by the new rainfall nozzle adoption!!

Rainfall simulator can reproduce a natural rainfall for researching of rainfall effect. There are two standard types of effective rainfall area that is 1m×1m, and 1.5m×1.5m. Moreover, the effective rainfall area can be customized to a request besides two standard types. In this rainfall simulator, the efficient rainfall nozzle is adopted for variety testing. The accuracy of the rainfall distribution in the range of the effective rainfall area is 50%* improved of the conventional model. The nozzle has in the high-velocity revolution (random rainfall mode) can reproduce nearly natural rain drop falls in the effective rainfall area. (The rain drop is dropped at random) The changeable rotational speed of the nozzle can make raindrops in any desired sizes. Setting range of the raindrop size:φ1.7mm ?φ3.0mm.