SEBA KLL-S Sampler

  • Mechanically lockable sampler with 0.5 or 1 liter capacity for 2"or 4" groundwater monitoring points
  • Connects to SEBA electric contact gauges KLL type (electric water level gauge)
  • Easily disassembled and cleaned


Proven and reliable:
With the KLL-S, it is possible to take fluid samples down to a single centimeter of the desired depth. For this purpose, a casing tube is suspended above the piston. Upon reaching the sampling depth , a shutter mechanism is triggered by a falling weight that pushes the casing above the pistons. The fluid sample can then be easily recovered with the hand crank on the KLL-S and removed with a drain cock.

More than just a probe jack:
The threaded connection of the optical probe offers its user many additional capabilities and features in addition to the sampling. So the KLL-S may alternatively be used as a conventional cable contact gauge for water level measurement and in conjunction with a basic button for depth sounding. For measuring points with high or very low salinity and muddy ground, special solder compounds are available.