PP-Systems Stevens HydraProbe

The Stevens HydraProbe is the most scientifically researched soil sensor available and is offered by PP Systems as an all-in-one in-situ sensor that can measure both soil moisture and soil temperature. This rugged probe has completely sealed electronics making it fully immersible in water, and three strong, non-bending and non-corrosive stainless steel tines.

For best results, the 3 prongs should be pushed all the way into the ground until the white body of the sensor is at minimum flush with the soil surface.



  • Handle: 152 mm (Length) x 26 mm (Diameter)
  • Tines: 58 mm (Length)

Cable Length: 1.5 m

Weight: .12 kg

Soil Moisture Sensor

  • Range: Dry – 100% of Saturation*
    *Saturation of mineral soils depends on soil and typically occurs from 35 to 50 volumetric percent

Soil Temperature Sensor

  • Range: -10 °C to 55 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.3 °C at 25 °C