AM350 Portable Leaf Area Meter

Portable Leaf Area Meter with image saving capability Compact and portable leaf area meter suitable for the accurate, non-destructive measurement of leaf area and associated parameters. It allows the scanned image to be saved in memory for future review of data & measuring technique

The AM350 portable leaf area meter is an update of the very popular AM300 design. It provides a stored image of the scanned leaf for later review and reliable science. Designed for field use, it is battery operated and allows fast, non-destructive, and high resolution measurement. It measures: leaf area, accumulated area, mean area, length, width, perimeter, ratio, and shape factor. Data and images may be transferred in comma delineated format by USB port.

Parameters measured:

  • Area
  • Accumulated area
  • Mean area
  • Visible
  • diseased leaf area or herbivory
  • Length
  • Width
  • Perimeter
  • Ratio
  • Form factor


  • Real time image display
  • High resolution
  • Battery portable - up to 3,000 measurements on a single charge
  • Stores up to 2,000 sets of data with images
  • High resolution - 0.065mm2. Works well with Arabidopsis plants
  • Non-destructive
  • Fast and simple operation
  • USB download of image and data
Measured Parameters Leaf area, maximum length, maximum width, perimeter, mean area, accumulated area, ratio and shape factor
Units of Measurement User selectable: mm or cm
Scanner Contact image sensor array with integral LED lamp
Scanning Speed Up to 20 mm/sec
Maximum Measurement Width 103 mm
Maximum Measuring Length 2 m
Precision / Repeatability +/-1% Linear, +/- 2% Area, +/- 5% Perimeter
Resolution 0.065 mm2
Memory 256K bytes RAM. (Approx. 2,000 data sets)
Display 64 x 240 pixel graphic LCD
Battery Nickel metal hydride 1.2 Ah. Internal battery back up
Computer Interface Mini-B USB connection and RS-232
Battery Charger Built in fast charger; can use supplied mains adapter or 12V car battery. Indicators for charge status
Scan between Charges Typically 3,000 from fully charged battery
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 45°C
Dimensions 275 mm x 250 mm x 30 mm
Weight 1.8 kg