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NEON Water Level Telemetry Stations

Surechem provided and installed several NEON Telemetry Water Level Stations throughout Kuala Lumpur. These stations are equipped with HCDAR-65 Radar Level sensors, which are connected to NEON Remote Logger (NRL) 3004 units for continuous monitoring of water levels in real-time.


The NRL 3004 units are integrated with cellular modems, allowing them to transmit all collected data to the NEON Application Software hosted on a server. This software serves as the central hub for managing and accessing the water level data. Within the NEON Server Application Software, users have the ability to define specific thresholds for water levels. If these thresholds are exceeded, the system automatically triggers alert messages to notify project personnel of the current water level conditions, thereby enabling them to take necessary actions to mitigate potential flood events effectively.


Additionally, a custom-designed WebPortal was developed and integrated with NEON Server Application Software using API provides project personnel with convenient access to the data from anywhere with an internet connection.



Flood Control Through Real-Time Water Level Monitoring in Urban Rivers & Channels

Monitoring water level in urban rivers and channels is crucial when it comes to flood management and flood mitigation for several reasons:


  • Early Warning: Real-time monitoring of water levels in urban rivers and channels allows for early detection of rising water levels, allowing authorities to take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of flooding.


  • Flood Forecasting: Continuous monitoring of water levels in urban rivers and channels provides valuable data that can be used to forecast future flooding events and make more informed decisions about flood management.


  • Improved Response: Real-time monitoring of water levels allows authorities to respond more quickly and effectively to changing conditions during a flood event, helping to minimize damage and protect people and property.


In summary, monitoring urban rivers and channels is essential for effective flood management and mitigation, allowing authorities to respond quickly and effectively to changing conditions, manage infrastructure, and comply with regulations.

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