Flood Early Warning Station

Flood Warning System

Flood warning systems monitor rainfall and water levels and alarm when conditions approach dangerous levels to save lives, protect property, and limit infrastructure damage. When severe weather strikes, an effective flood warning system allows authorities to take appropriate action, such as evacuation and dam management, in advance of a flood disaster, frequently resulting in far less catastrophic outcomes.
Flood Warning System Flood Warning System Flood Warning System Flood Warning System

Flood Warning System

A datalogger is the central component of automated flood warning systems. It is compatible with a wide range of sensor types and with the addition of wireless transmission modem, data can be transmitted real-time to various data monitoring servers/ platform such as Neon Server Application via cellular or satellite communication.

Sensors typically integrated into flood warning systems include RIM-7499 tipping bucket rain gauge and water level sensor such as SEBA PS-Light-2 Bubbler Level Sensor & SEBAPuls Radar Level Sensor. The system is usually powered by solar power so it can be deploy at remote sites without AC power supply. 


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