SKU 430 UVB Sensors

Skye offer sensors to measure light levels in the Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B wavebands. The wavelengths used in these sensors are according to DIN 5031 part 7. This leaflet describes the UVB sensor.

The housing is black aluminium and sealed to IP68 standards, making them suitable for underwater use. Skye guarantees sensors to a depth of 4 metres. The light collecting head utilises a UV stable polymer and is cosine corrected. The sensors have been designed with an integral amplifier to give a voltage output for use with most dataloggers, computers, PLCs, etc. All sensors are calibrated against a reference light source which is directly traceable to NPL and each sensor is issued with a calibration certificate.

Construction Anodised black aluminium sealed to IP68 Submersible to 4m
Cable Screened cable 7-1-4C military specification
Spectral Response 280 - 315 nm
Working Range 0 - 10 W/m2
Output Signal 0 - 1 V
Power Supply 5- 15 V
Response Time Better than 10 ms