BPALK 12 V Alkaline Battery Pack

The BPALK can power a CR500, CR510, CR10, CR10X, CR800, CR850, or CR1000 datalogger, as well as the datalogger's peripherals. It consists of the alkaline batteries, battery connectors, and the temporary 12 V AA alkaline battery pack used during D cell replacement.
  • The BPALK is a battery pack for powering dataloggers and peripherals. The BPALK includes eight replaceable D cell alkaline batteries.
  • To ensure power is not lost while the D cell batteries are replaced, the BPALK has a 12 V backup battery pack that uses eight AA batteries (not included).
  • The BPALK can also be used as a separate auxiliary 12 V power supply to power remotely located sensors or peripherals.The system must have a common ground.
  • Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable, and their Amp hour ratings decrease with temperature extremes.
  • Alkaline batteries may leak when used outside the temperature range of -25° to +50°C, or when the battery voltage drops below 9.6 V.
Battery Type Alkaline
Nominal Rating 7.5 Ah (@ 20°C)
Batteries Needed 8 not-rechargeable alkaline D cells (included)
Output Voltage 12 Vdc
Operating Temperature Range -25° to +50°C
  • 15.2 x 7.4 x 8.0 cm (6.0 x 2.9 x 3.2 in.) without connectors and mounts
  • 18.1 x 7.4 x 8.0 cm (7.1 x 2.9 x 3.1 in.) with connectors and mounts
Weight 1.8 kg (4 lb)