The CR350 is a multi-purpose, extremely low power, compact measurement and control data logger. This entry-level data logger, with its rich instruction set, can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. The CR350 concentrates data, makes it available over varied networks, and delivers it using your preferred protocol. The CR350 also performs automated on-site or remote decision-making for control and M2M communications. This data logger is ideal for small applications requiring long-term, remote monitoring and control.

  • Two dedicated SDI-12 terminals to expand SDI-12 sensor use
  • Extremely low current requirements
  • Two dedicated RS-232/RS-485 terminals to support smart sensors or modems
  • Easy setup with PC software and USB-C connectivity
  • Ability to measure analog and digital sensors with confidence
  • Trusted Campbell Scientific quality, including integral surge and ESD protection
  • Integrated radio option to network wirelessly to another node or Internet gateway
  • CR350-WIFI ideal for short-range, wireless IP communication
Operating Temperature Range -40° to +70°C, Non-condensing environment
Maximum Scan Rate 10 Hz
Case Material High-impact-resistant polycarbonate, recycle code 7
Analog Inputs 4 single-ended or 2 differential (individually configured)
Pulse Counters 8 (P_SW, P_LL, C1, C2, and SE1 to SE4)
Voltage Excitation Terminals 2 (VX1, VX2)
Communications Ports USB Type C 2.0
Switched 12 Volt 2 terminals
Analog Input Limits -100 to +2500 mV
ADC 24-bit
Real-Time Clock Accuracy ±3 min. per year