Thermometers And Temperature Gauges

The thermometers and temperature gauges is a very important parameter to control for evaluating the influence of the thermal effects on the measurements and on the structure which is monitored. Thermometers are available with platinum RTD (Resistance Thermal Detector) thermistor or vibrating wire sensors. All models are housed in a shock resistant stainless steel body to be embedded in concrete. Temperature string probe is available for multiple thermal measurements in boreholes, trenches or to be embedded into concrete.
Measuring principle NTC, thermistor, RTD, 100Ω (PT-100) (Class A EN60751), Vibrating wire + NTC NTC thermistor, RTD 100 Ω (PT-100) (Class A EN60751)
Nominal range -40°C +125°C (NTC)
-200°C +400°C (RTD 100 Ω (PT-100))
-20°C +80°C (Vibrating wire + NTC)
-40°C +125°C (NTC)
-200°C +400°C (RTD 100 Ω (PT-100))
Resolution 0.1 °C  
Accuracy ±0.5 °C (from 0°C to 50°C) (NTC)
±0.2 °C @ 0°C (RTD 100 Ω (PT-100))
±1.0 °C (Vibrating wire + NTC)
±0.5 °C (from 0°C to 50°C) (NTC)
±0.2 °C @ 0°C (RTD 100 Ω (PT-100))
Material stainless steel PVC
Temperature range -30°C +80°C with standard cable -30°C +80°C with standard cable
IP Class IP68 IP68