Wire Deformeters

The wire deformeters are designed to monitor changes in the distance between two anchor points. Typical applications include monitoring cracks or displacements in civil structures. Electrical wire deformeters are analog devices with either vibrating
wire or potentiometer transducers. A stainless steel wire connects the transducer to the opposing anchor. The USB wire deformeter is a digital device that records readings from a rotary potentiometer. A steel wire connects the device to the opposing anchor. 

Technology Rotary potentiometer with built-in temperature sensor
Range 80 mm (3")
Resolution 0.003 mm (0.0001")
Accuracy (Linearity+Hysteresis) < ±0.1% FS
Temperature measuring range from -20 to +80 °C
Temperature resolution 1°C
Datalogger A/D converter 15 bit
Datalogger Storage capacity > 51000 measurements
Acquisition time interval programmable from 10 sec to 91 hours
Datalogger Power supply 3V button battery (CR2032)
Datalogger Battery life 4 years with 1 reading per hour
Datalogger Communication interface mini USB
Datalogger Operating Temperature -10 to + 60°C